Saturday, 1 May 2010

Home James

The beautiful prawns and red mullet preparing themselves for the barbie
Having been for a pre-breakfast run every day this week I decided to give myself a birthday treat and have a lie-in. Crumbs the big 6-0 next year - I just don't feel sufficiently grown up to be a venerable age like that.
As predicted the fish shop was patronised - some gloriously patterned wild prawns and 4 small red mullet. Thence the drive back to Lincolnshire where we arrived late afternoon, checked e's etc and then dug the huge BBQ out of the stables where it was hiding behind an immoveable mini tractor and hedged in by the Sound Bites bike. Anyway with much heaving and grunting we managed it. Too cold to eat outdoors but we BBQd the wonderful prawns which Hare in the Gate served with garlic mayonnaise, followed by BBQd mullet with Hassan's cracked potatoes (with coriander, yummy) and a green salad. An excellent birthday celebration, washed down with a drop or 3, and decidely the BEST meal of the week! The Boss and his little BBQ
Then I made the poor chap watch some Japanese FB programmes because I thought there were some good graphics which we might adapt for Reyntiens. Following that the poor boy had to do some work in the editing room to process the films for me to transcribe next week and didn't get to bed until the wee hours of Sunday according to him - but then he revels in tea and sympathy! Back to Kent tomorrow.

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