Friday, 7 May 2010

Transcribing ...

... is what I've been doing this week using my new CatDV programme which Charles purchased for me (great stuff!), plus reading a book I borrowed from Patrick about Edward James, and penning an article for Glass Circle News (about FB's glass and decanter designs), catching up, cleaning the house, and organising the next week's filming. All quite relaxed really - especially compared to the week my colleague has endured.
As soon as I left on Sunday Charles started work on the Big Draw DVD, with masses of slide shows to animate, music to add etc and that's before starting to author the DVD. Eileen stayed at Film Farm Monday and Tuesday to help sort out stuff and then he's been working flat out until the wee hours every day since. He is aiming to finish it and pop in the post before I arrive tomorrow midday-ish hoping to propel him back into Reyntiens mode.

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