Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Retrospective 4 - Coventry

Loads to do today - not only filming the Baptistry window but also interviewing Patrick and Graham Jones together (he of the Cochem window and born in Coventry - keep up!), and Graham tout seul assessing Patrick's place in the history of stained glass, his strengths and weaknesses (surely not?!) I wanted to start with Graham and Patrick in the bombed out shell of the old Cathedral but it was raining so we moved to stage 2 - the pair of them discussing the Baptistry window. Then a Litany intervened so we had to call a break. Meanwhile Charles had discovered a lovely lady helper who told him that visitors complained about almost every aspect of the new cathedral EXCEPT the Baptistry window which often reduced them to tears because of its beauty. So we programmed her into the schedule, reconvened with PR and Graham, and then, the rain having eased, filmed the two chaps outdoors.
PR and JR were then sent packing whilst we filmed Graham sitting on a gravestone being interviewed by Libby kneeling on damp grass - both Charles's suggestions and not exactly to our liking! Graham is such an ebullient figure, so full of energy and enthusiasm - a joy to interview, a natural. Through the Looking Glass, Libby (somewhere in there) and multiple images
Somehow we missed out on lunch, although the coffee was restorative. Bought some picnicy food en route to our B&B - a Lutyens house no less, Homewood, just fab.

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