Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Retrospective 5 - Much Hadham

Penelope, John and Patrick meet again after 15 years
A joyful days of unexpected extras. We arrived at Sts Andrew and Thomas at the same time as a lovely lady who turned out to be our guardian angel throughout the day - Penelope Wrong who was largely responsible for the Moore Memorial window in the church. Then some churchwardens arrived to see if we needed any help, then the vicar popped in. Libby went outside for her time lapse leaving Charles to the mercies of the ministrations and working out how to climb into the organ loft to get decent film of the window. Penelope dashed off to get some rope to hoist the camera into the loft.
Patrick and John arrived with one of the studies for the window and we filmed them - this was John's first commission with his father so pretty important.
Having found some garden rope Penelope then set about tracking down the previous rector who arrived just before midday so we were able to film him. Penelope and Patrick then went off for luncheon together whilst John stayed on to help with the ladder climbing, for which we were very grateful. A practical joker, John knocked over a stool when the camera was being lowered, giving Charles a real fright! He was somewhat relieved to be on terra firma after his efforts.
Having done all our church work we stopped for a brief eat in and then drove down to Penelope's wonderful thatched house because she owns the other study for the window. We set up the camera in the delightful courtyard watched by Poppy the lurcher and interviewed Penelope about the history of the window. Penelope in her garden with a study for the window
A great day, so many kind and helpful people. I had planned a visit to the Henry Moore Museum but we didn't finish work until 5pm so returned via an amazing and slightly scary water-splash to our Lutyens B&B for another picnic.
China mid water-splash and the wonderful Lutyens house, Homewood

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