Sunday, 16 May 2010

All Fall Down

Pretty much what we've all been doing this week. Charles initiated the habit on Sunday by tripping over a kerbstone. As usual he had his hands in his pockets and so wasn't able to save himself from splitting his temple on the edge of the pavement. Much blood but some wonderfully helpful Helmsley inhabitants who took him to the nearest pub, found a Doctor and bandaged him up.
In Coventry on Wednesday Libby was getting rather stressed out juggling interviews between the Litanies, the rain and the guided tours and when dashing around outside trying to find some recalcitrant team members, slipped on the wet York stone and sliced the end off her elbow. Much blood but John Reyntiens came to the rescue in magnificent fashion, dashing off to a chemist and returning with bottled water, painkillers and bandages (the Cathedral is not allowed bandages in its First Aid Box - don't ask!)
A mere hour or so later, when the assembled had just finished their assorted coffees, Patrick wanted to get the show on the road, so instead of asking if I'd move from the bench, he stood on same, vaulted over the top, landed successfully on the other side, then leaped down to the ground which was his mistake because he ended up flying in horizontal mode for a good few feet before colliding with a metal table and chairs and a rather astonished imbiber. He pronounced himself fit as a fiddle and performed a jig just to prove it.
John had his chance the following day when jiggling a ladder into position but decided enough was sufficient and maintained his balance.

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