Friday, 30 April 2010

Patrick sans (day 4)

We have renamed Somerset grit county on account of how they appear to be gritting every single road, however deep in the sticks. True Grit and China
On our own today. First stop Stoke St Mary where there are 3 windows by Patrick - there would have been a fourth but the parishioners decided they'd prefer a new sink! Lovely path up to the church with cherry and apple blossom (Libby got carried away as usual) and one of the windows visible through the open door. We tried the new time lapse idea.

Detail of one of the windows (lovely abstract), the path and a window inside, blossom dearie
Having finished Stoke St Mary we then realised that we hadn't got much good film of the exterior of Patrick's house so returned there via Ilminster (Friday fish and chips for Charles) and filmed the happy hens who were determined to peck Libby's skirt and the cockerel who obviously relished the attention and crowed noisily. (Having seen the rushes since, I note that Charles rather OD'd on the hens - a mere 7 out of 10 clips!) Thence to a field for another time lapse. Since the weather was improving we decided to have another go at St George's and managed some exterior filming there and yet another time lapse by which stage the Nikon was complaining about being overworked - 'you expect me to take a shot of the same building every 5 seconds for 30 minutes - you cannot be serious'!
A bored Nikon camera in a field
Found our B&B for the night, wandered into town for a restaurant recce and discovered a wonderful looking 'real' fish-shop which may demand a visit tomorrow.
Thence back to St George's for the 150th Celebration of the church plus the Blessing of the Reyntiens window by the Bishop of Clifton. Fascinated by the diversity of the congregation, English, Polish, Indian and Filipino; the exuberance of the choir mistress; and 4 wonderfully costumed representatives of St George, the female versions looking like Scottish Widows. We stood in the balcony to film and record and when the Bishop (complete with flat pack Mitre) splashed the windows, his side kick whispered 'Saves on washing bills' and then before they descended the narrow spiral staircase offered to go first 'then if you fall, you'll have a soft landing'. Good to know there's a sense of humour about and the Bishop gave the camera a charming smile. Comparing the service with that in Cochem made me appreciate how avant-garde Father Muller is. Window looked lovely from the outside at night, lit from within.
Finished 8.45, quick dash back to B&B to leave equipment, then a waltz along the road to Eduardo's restaurant in a tiny listed building, a wonderful buzz about the place. obviously popular and deservedly so, the best food and value for money we've had all week.

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