Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Retrospective 3 - Southwell

One of the windows leading to the Chapter House
On our own today which does make life easier! We understand each other's working methods so sessions are pretty efficient. Southwell is a beautiful Minster, not the soaring elegance of Gothic, but good solid Norman pillars, rounded arches, lovely detailing on the arches and doorways - reminds me of Durham, a solidity and weightiness and lack of hyperbole which appeals. And the staff and helpers are so helpful and in love with their treasure, which made the day a delight.
Since the weather was forecast to deteriorate, Libby started off outside with the time lapse, before moving inside to photograph the west window (the Angels window) which Charles was filming. I think it's rather splendid with grisaille colouring which attunes perfectly with the age of the church. Now whose that remind you of? ... No, me neither ...
Luckily Patrick had reminded me about a series of small windows leading to the Chapter House which we thought glorious (both the windows and the Chapter House itself with foliate heads and intricate stone carvings creating filigree baskets of leaves).
Forget about the Minster, what about the beautiful horse-chestnut candles?
An excellent day apart from the fact that Libby then had to drive another 1 1/2 hours to Coventry. This is a pretty tiring schedule!

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