Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Retrospective 2 - Ampleforth

And so to the wonderful setting of Ampleforth Abbey and College, where Patrick was once a student, where I first met John (serendipity), and where there's a whole slew of Reyntiens' windows. We set up the cameras ready for Patrick and John to arrive and then proceeded to interview Patrick in front of the beautiful north transept windows and round the chapel windows in turn, luckily finishing seconds before the midday service, at which point we retired outside to film Patrick talking some more about his school days (Basil Hume taught him rugby!)
Patrick and John were invited to the monks' refectory for luncheon and I had asked repeatedly whether Charles could film the event (he having done so in the dim and distant past and realising how well it would work in this film) but was told that a decision would be made on the day. However the Father Abbot said that the monks did not relish change and he had to give them a week's notice - so unfortunately that plan was shelved. Quick lunch for the troops - porkus pieus for Charles, a few peanuts for Libby.
She was then sent out into the freezing cold to organise a time lapse and fell in love with the field of beautiful white heifers with their huge mournful brown eyes. When she returned indoors with four numbed yellow fingers she discovered that Charles was not filming details of the windows as anticipated but had gone missing. Imagine her chagrin when it transpired he'd been having a coffee break with Patrick and John, recently returned from their monkish meal.
John did a quick bit to camera before the Reyntiens team went their way, which meant we could get back to filming and photographing the windows and details of same, plus a rather amusing sight of the heifers lined up by the fence observing the Cadet Force with great interest! Charles much amused by the anti-caravan signs leading to Sutton Bank! If he had his way all caravans would be banned except perhaps during the hours 2-5am - SCRAP stands of course for the Society for Caravan Removal and Prevention, and is going global - watch this space. Nothing to do with me Guv.
Finished an hour later than Libby's schedule and then a 2 1/2 hour journey to Southwell.

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