Monday, 26 April 2010


Patrick wearing his T-shirt
The last 10 days have been exhausting for me but even more so for Charles. I concentrated on transcribing the interviews with Patrick, DeMarco and Andrew Dalton (Grocers' Company), putting together a tabulated bio of Patrick's life whilst enjoying myself in the evenings making Reyntiens inspired film crew T-shirts for Patrick and myself.
The autonomous panel the front of the T-shirt is based on, the back was inspired by the windows at Marden, Kent
Meanwhile poor Charles had to contend with Jobear for 3 days (Charlotte Bach project) followed by Eileen for 2 days (Big Draw project) whilst his Mac went walkabouts so little work was accomplished - pretty dire considering he has looming deadlines on both. Plus the dreaded VAT - so he didn't finish work until way into Monday morning apparently. Monday we shoved everything into the car, seemed fuller than ever, set off 2 hours later than predicted but arrived in Chard, Somerset about 6pm which wasn't bad going, and had a meal in a semi-decent Sechuan restaurant.

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