Tuesday, 6 April 2010

here be dragons

On from leaping hares to the land of dragons, Welsh Wales.
I had expected Charles would be fighting fit and full of the joys after his Sicilian break but unfortunately he'd come down with the most awful and unusual cold which he reckoned someone on the plane handed him, so our progress on the promo was slower than anticipated whilst he struggled with Lemsips and cough medicine etc.
I then survived all the cooking over Easter - Aidan even invited two of his friends to stay Sunday evening - everyone was most enthusiastic about the food, but in a way I think it's not just the cooking but the ambiance which makes a memorable meal and when you've got a table of young, bright, energetic and humorous youngsters - well, it's going to be fun!
Unfortunately by the time I left Kent Charles' cold had taken hold and I was hacking and sneezing away. With the aid of a Strepsil held in my hamster cheek, I succeeded in delivering the lecture with only one coughing outburst. A wander down Narberth's High Street (it actually has independent shops, what a delight) and some purchases in the wonderful Spanish deli before driving to Llandaff to see the Cathedral and the Piper/Reyntiens windows and of course Epstein's Christ in Majesty - although I have to admit I wasn't overkeen on George Pace's parabolic concrete arch. Was delighted though to find a Silvester Sparrow window (he worked with Brangwyn) - unfortunately difficult to photograph. Didn't have time for Newport. On to Bristol area, some hot Lemsip and bed!

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