Thursday, 29 April 2010

Patrick day 3

This morning drove to St George's, Taunton, the largest stained glass project Patrick and John have completed jointly. Filmed the chaps with the window after which they left and Charles did details whilst I tried the exterior despite the rain. Chirpy window detail!
In the afternoon we green-screened Patrick on the subjects of Southwell, Anstey, Liverpool and Stoke St Mary - films to be highlighted in the DVD but without Patrick in attendance. We then moved into the wonderful stone flagged thatched cottage next door where Patrick used to live and tried an interview there in front of a wood burning stove - an ideal situation - but I think by this time we had actually worn out the ever ebullient man - and answers appeared sharply like punctuation marks so I called it a day.
Returned to the Lodge to take down the green screen and put the room to rights, thence to the studio to film more autonomous panels and studies together with some of Anne's paintings.
We finally packed about 6.30 - all four of us shattered and poor John having to drive back to London that evening. However all pleased with progress.
Patrick's energy is just astounding as is his imagination - artistically, written and verbal. His analogies and similes amaze me. Meanwhile John grows on us - he's just just an easy going, lovable, and fun guy with whom to work. We couldn't ask for more. Libby at Hugh F-W's with blackboard menu background
This evening - the big treat! We realised that one of our heroes, Hugh Fearney-Whittingstall has a canteen at nearby Axminster and discovered that Thursday night is stew-night - £10 per head. Right up our strasse, very basic decor etc, one is given a playing card for the stew and another for dessert, you wander up with your card and are presented with said food - Charles had the pork with spelt and gremolata whilst I had the root veg with same. Home made bread, divine butter, a wonderful glass of white to start with (Mayval from the Manstree vineyard), followed by an organic red with a colour like deep plum crushed velvet and a taste to match.
A happy Charles, glass of wine ind hand - Libby must have had a drop to many, having successfully decapitated the Boss
Tried to watch the political leader debate on Charles' tiddlytop computer (i-replay or whatever) but both kept falling asleep - however I get the feeling it wasn't spell-binding. Yawn.

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