Monday, 9 May 2011

more changes

We sent off the revised DVD but apparently yet more changes are required - this is becoming design by committee - want a horse, get a camel. So I'm back at Film Farm 12th May, have to record Patrick in Somerset that weekend and back to the edit suite to hopefully produce a final version of the DVD with which everyone is satisfied. Please, please, please, cross fingers etc etc etc!!!!!!
Meanwhile I have been producing a catalogue of Patrick's work which will be an added extra on the DVD and am pretty chuffed with same it has to be said, although a huge amount of work (not in the budget unfortunately!) So why am I such an idiot, producing all this work for no personal benefit - probably just because I really do believe Patrick is a seminal figure, a one-off, unique, and I want people to appreciate what he has contributed to the development of stained glass over the last 50 years or so.

1 comment:

  1. how awful to have to cut and edit your work. The author knows better than anybody else what he wants to show or say. Do the committee members want 50 minutes for TV ? Give them 50 minutes and give us 90 minutes as you intended. Having seen the DVDs you made in the past I am sure you have made a wonderful job and i'd like to see the whole of it.
    So don't cut
    Patrick Chatelin