Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Collecting windows (2)

Armed with my new railcard I headed off to London and was muchly satisfied by the reduced fare! First stop St Margaret's, St Margaret's Road, St Margaret's! A very modern church (well for 1970) by Austin Winckley and now Grade II listed. A clerestory window above the altar which reminded me of a poached egg (below) and a narrow sliver in greys and blues behind the Baptistery.
Thence to St Theodore of Canterbury in Hampton, a small low-budget Catholic church also designed by Winckley. Four tiny windows here, a Supper at Emmaus, two narrow windows either side of the Tabernacle, and then a truly delightful Penitence window (St Peter and a cockerel) in the Confessional. Hardly anyone except the Priest views that one - so here's a sneak preview.
Last stop the Barn Church, Kew, so named because it is actually formed from a 17th country barn, with old threshing stones in the entrance and 17th century bricks for the exterior. A delightful place, rather Arts and Crafts in style so Patrick's almost abstract window fitted perfectly with (possibly) an angel/girl and definitely a beautiful garland of flowers, all in yellows, mauves and purples - and NO hand painting, remarkable itself for a Reyntiens window.
A wander back to Kew Gardens station and since I hadn't stopped for lunch and it was a glorious day I treated myself to a cappuccino, sitting on the pavement in the sun, reading my notes.

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