Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Collecting windows (1)

OK, I admit it, I'm getting obsessive about collecting Patrick's windows, but it's partly for my lectures and partly for the article I've got to write for the Decorative Arts Society by the end of July and partly for the catalogue - which I really do think some publisher ought to take up and give me the time and means to develop into a proper academic work. It would look superb for one thing and would inspire people to get out and about and visit the works in situ. And it would prove that Patrick was not just the amanuensis of Piper. Such a tome is long overdue methinks.
Anyway today I drove up to St Lawrence College, Ramsgate and was pleasantly surprised. I got to know the town fairly well when researching for a book about Pugin's church with my friend Gill Hunter back in 2000. Unfortunately becoming familiar with the town did not endear it to either of us. Anyway St Lawrence College is in a beautiful setting, lovely old buildings, extremely helpful and friendly staff and the windows rather glorious. The main window (which happens to be the west window since the chapel faces that direction) has joyful colouring and an almost abstract design (although being Patrick there's buckets of symbolism in there) so can be viewed on all levels by the pupils. Detail of that window above. The tracery glass was designed by Piper and made by David Wasley, the remainder designed and made by Patrick, so rather an oddity. Patrick also designed the much more deeply coloured rose window in the balcony.

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