Friday, 27 May 2011

Collecting windows (4)

Today a drive from Southampton to Film Farm, passing through Ascot to see 2 Patrick windows in Heathfield School (girls very Sloaney!). Detail of one of windows below. Then to Nettlebed for 2 Piper/Reyntiens windows (detail of one below), rather satisfying. I have to admit that Piper windows do have a sense of calm and authority about them rather than the somewhat manic appearance of some of Patrick's windows. After that to a tiny T-shaped church at Pishill for a small memorial window also Piper/Reyntiens (detail below). Then to Bledlow Ridge, also JP/PR, gloriously secular to my mind, blues with pale and dark squares and circles, little white squiggles and red spirals (detail below). I see why Patrick once famously declared he was 'rather good at blue!'

And the last visit of the day, Totternhoe for a delightful JP/PR Tree of Life (detail below). A rather exhausted car rolled up at Film Farm late in the day, together with an overworked camera and a Libby who can't decide whether she is tired or not because she can't get off the roller coaster!
A couple of days working on the latest changes to the DVD and then off to see my cousin Annie in Norwich, a good chat and moan about the oldies followed by a long walk round the University of East Anglia site.

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