Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Survival - fittest?!

Yorkshire is wonderful, don't get me wrong, after all it's 'God's own', but was I glad to finally return to Kent, the garden of England, yesterday. And that's a rhetorical question. Emotional blackmail, complete lack of appreciation, absolutely nothing I did was right and towards the end there was some serious nursing for which I am just not cut out (yes I do have some failings!) - rubber gloves (which I've always previously abhorred) and hospital style alcohol hand gel became two of my 'favourite things' - Lady Macbeth had nothing on my anal hand washing routines!
Anyway, suffice it to say that my mother is now happily ensconced in The Hall and I am again free to continue with my life. I did actually manage to transcribe and write the scripts for both Gordon Russell and Reyntiens films whilst 'up north' and the latter I think is quite light hearted and should be fun - how I managed to think chirpy in those conditions I know not!

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