Sunday, 12 September 2010

Beautiful Basingstoke

Now the title may sound like a contradiction in terms, but bear with me!
Libby (feeling rather less irrepressible after her incarceration in Yorkshire), having worked on Gordon Russell and Reyntiens came to the conclusion that we needed more furniture images for the former. Additionally it had not slipped her attention that Cecil Collins kept on creeping into Reyntiens interviews and that perhaps the best way of indicating the relationship between the two men might be to include one of their joint windows. Since Basingstoke is only 2 hours drive from Broadway this appeared to be a good option.
The financial oracles were consulted and came to the unanimous conclusion that there was no budget left to undertake such journeys - so we went anyway!
That's the trouble with us - we're so determined to produce the absolute bestest of the best - at whatever cost!
I managed to get my mother into The Hall (a high class residential home literally next door to her own house) and 1 September saw us roll up at All Saints', Basingstoke, not a modern church as I had anticipated (actually dated 1917) to meet the immensely jolly and helpful Rev Rosalind Rutherford. There are two small angel windows in glowing yellows, but the highlight is the great west window with a face representing God the Holy Spirit/sun in the centre surrounded by concentric circles of flames, soaring hearts, stars, wheeling angels. Being late afternoon the sun shone through the window, dappling the walls and ground, and it was just BEAUTIFUL! And that face - mesmeric!
So we were NOT disappointed but charged and inspired and hugely delighted.
The following day we did our Russell filming and photographing and thence back to Film Farm to organise the new edit suite, do some scanning, editing - all the usual suspects before Libby returned once again to the mind-numbing ordeal in Yorkshire.
P.S. If anyone finds some stray marbles perhaps they could send them because I seem to be losing mine!

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