Monday, 29 November 2010

2nd edit session

Returned to Film Farm 22 November for the next session which went pretty well although working with so many different format films, archival stuff and VHS is hurting the brain of the new system which decides to crash periodically. Have devised the time lapse chapter headings and progressed on to Oundle but realise need more footage of the school so am trying to organise that for early next year - at least it is just down the road from FF.Whilst in residence I wandered down to the greenhouses one day to check out the remaining tomatoes and discovered this absolute beauty which weighed in at 1lb11oz (the establishment works in old fashioned Imperial despite the modern technology) and tasted pretty darned good when sliced and teamed up with mozzarella, olives, capers, avocado and home grown chillies with a drizzle of unfiltered and balsamic.
As correctly predicted by the weather men the snow fell on Thursday and the house grew progressively colder (they didn't predict that consequence) - by Saturday morning my bedroom windows were iced over INSIDE! Aaaargh! Returned to Kent Sunday (almost coincidentally) with a burgeoning cold which does not bode well for Wednesday's lecture. UGH!

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