Friday, 26 March 2010

frenetic ...

... is hardly the word for my perambulations and working schedule the next couple of weeks ...
Tomorrow I set off for Norwich to see my cousin who is feeling a trifle down, visiting Ipswich School en route because they have some wonderful Piper/Reyntiens foliate head windows in the Library. Sunday on to Film Farm to put together the Glaziers Benefit promo (hopefully Charles will be rejuvenated by his recent holiday in Sicily, his first in 2 years, so well deserved - although I've only had 3 days in Japan in the last 3 years ... but who's counting). Thence to Thornton on Wednesday to collect my mother and take her to Kent Thursday via Cambridge Waitrose since I'm catering for 7 over the Easter weekend. Easter Monday I have to drive to Pembrokeshire (i.e the other side of the world) whilst Graham drives my mother home. I've got a lecture Tuesday, hope to see a couple of Piper/Reyntiens windows (Llandaff and Newport) on the way to Bristol area (overnight stop), then down to Sherborne Wednesday for 2 lectures, returning to Bristol area about midnight. Thursday drive up to Film Farm, Friday drive to Grantham early to catch the train to London for a Brangwyn interview with a Japanese TV station (dependent on strikes). Saturday and Sunday polish the promo until gleaming. Monday drive to London, have a Gordon Russell meeting in the afternoon, present our film at the Glaziers Hall in the evening, Tuesday film John Reyntiens cutting glass in his studio followed by Patrick painting glass, then a quick dash down to Sidcup to interview Richard DeMarco who studied in Edinburgh with Patrick, then back to Sandersons in Berners Street to interview Patrick in front of the wonderful abstract he and Piper created. Wednesday morning interview the Master of the Grocers Company before driving back to Film Farm. Thursday review our achievements and give my poor car a rest. Friday drive back to Kent.
Meanwhile poor Charles has Jobear arriving the day I leave and staying to Monday (Charlotte Bach editing) to be replaced same afternoon by Eileen for Big Draw editing .
Someone uttered that old fashioned word 'weekend' in our hearing recently - and we really had to think hard to recall the positive aspects - hey ho, c'est la vie!

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