Thursday, 18 March 2010


Detail of one of Chagall's windows at All Saints', Tudeley
Have spent the last few days putting together the Glaziers Hall promo. Having sorted out the transcriptions I then put together a putative script, then went back to the tapes, got the exact timings and ugh - turned out at something like 11 minutes without breathing space, so then looked through all the Cochem film again, found some rather moving moments, added them, then started cutting out 'my darlings'. Then I mark up the script in different colours which indicates where words should be cut and where film or stills replace an image of the speaker. With the films I have to note the shot name, title, roll # and check the timecodes and of course ensure it's about the right length. With stills, I doctor them in Photoshop, save them as TIFF files, and have to note down the size and whether any moves are required.
I then decided a break would be a GOOD THING and I'd do some Chagall research since Cochem is Chagall related, so drove down to the Mascalls Gallery at Paddock Wood, run by Nathaniel Hepburn.
AMAZING - this gallery is in the grounds of Mascalls school (which set it up and helps fund the exhibitions) it's small but so professional and just such an inspiration to the children. A group were leaving as I arrived, really enthused and chatting about sending email information. An excellent exhibition about images of the crucifixion, including a whole series of Chagall's sketches for All Saints', Tudeley.
I whizzed off there afterwards, and can see the connection, although Graham Jones' colours are much more vibrant and confident, less reclusive, and Patrick is just another Chagall when he wants to be!
Today was also a TomTom experiment, having been the recipient of same at Christmas but not having used it since - Thornton and Film Farm being on the 'auto' list. So this was a try out prior to the Reyntiens rambles in April and May - not that I cast nasturtiums on my navigator, heaven forfend BUT .... (!)

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