Sunday, 21 March 2010

For the Snark was a Boojum you see

Actually I was hunting windows, not Snarks, but one never knows, I may have seen one sub-consciously since no-one really knows what they look like, not even their creator.
Anyway, my hunt took me to Borough Green. Had been assured the place would be open for a play practise but of course it wasn't, so thank goodness for ghastly mobile phones. Rang one of the churchwardens who kindly walked round and let me in. I found it rather a disappointing window, so pale it was almost acidic in parts, tooth-curlingly so, although I liked the autumnal leaves. Detail from the window above.
Thence on to Marden. WOW! Much more my style, bold, almost violent, colours and the energy in the east window and north and south lancets was palpable, frighteningly so. Semi abstract, but the more you looked the more detail you absorbed, like the piercing green eyes in the north lancet detail below.
If you're interested in seeing lots of Patrick's autonomous panels, there's an excellent website with super images -

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