Sunday, 3 April 2011

The Big Preview!

After a weekend ministering to mea mater it was back to Film Farm on the 28th, interrupted by a train journey to London for the NADFAS Directory Meeting. Unfortunately the East Coast service was suspended on the return journey 30 March so I had to get a train to Kings Lynn, Charles had to drive 50 miles to collect me, and then the following day I had to take the train to Grantham to collect my car and drive back to Film Farm. Huge expense and waste of time all round.
Thursday and Friday reviewing the DVD plus cooking on my part and then Saturday the grand preview with Patrick himself, John and Charlotte, some media friends of theirs and Charles' expert, Hugh Newsam. Although they thought it could be shortened the response was enthusiastic which was a huge relief after all the agonies we've been through. So a few minor changes and we are there - hopefully!

Photos of us all in the garden post preview.

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