Thursday, 17 March 2011

progress - what progress?

Arrived at Film Farm again 10 March and after a hasty lunch we raced upstairs to the edit suite on the third floor to engage in putting together the film again. Before nightfall we finished Stoke St Mary and Danny Lane flame throwing. The following day completed Taunton and the Pynsent Memorial, and Saturday finished Cochem. Sunday we did the twiddly end bits and then Monday and Tuesday checked through all the chapters and interludes ensuring that the house style was consistent, that the film was balanced and that the story threads wove through successfully. Lucky we got this much done actually because the machinery had massive technical tantrums! The film is quite long, about 90 minutes but it's all excellent stuff and most people feel cheated if they don't get their money's worth on a DVD.
Wednesday we gave ourselves a break, albeit a working break, and travelled to Bradford to see the Fay Godwin exhibition at the Media Centre or whatever it calls itself these days. Excellent, seeing the photographs in the flesh was so much more exciting than looking at them in books. They really came to life and the detail was amazing. Fay is the subject of our next project! We also saw a 3D film about mending one of the USA shuttles which was quite amazing, I thought I might feel sea sick and cheat, but got quite hooked on it (photo of Charles looking extra handsome in his 3D goggles!)
Thursday drove back to Kent to prepare for a weekend invasion and much cooking!

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