Monday, 10 January 2011

... and we're off

A mere 2 days into the New Year and Charles and Libby are back to work again editing the Reyntiens film. We started on Coventry but got bogged down because Libby is more word based and Charles more visual based and he wanted some beautiful film where the protagonists weren't saying anything constructive, whereas I wanted some good words where the protagonists were standing in the wrong place! Much discussion over dinner after which we compromised and understood each other's approach!
The following day we finished Coventry amicably, but decided we required Smarties (you've no idea how difficult these are to purchase these days, and they don't even appear to sell them in the traditional round tube. Appalling, what is the world coming to?!) Why did we need Smarties? Wait until the next episode when we might have time to experiment!
We edited an interlude wherein Patrick paints a stained glass panel and, aware of his predilection for painting to the accompaniment of banjo music, Charles moved into garage band and composed a jolly piece there and then! What a hero!
Thence to the Liverpool sequence, but decided to leave this until we've interviewed David Kirby. To which end we phoned him and have booked for February 24th, and have also gained permission to film St Mary's, Leyland on the 25th - so excellent news.
Then decided that we needed a recognisable way of ending each chapter (the important stained glass windows) and played around with images of glass breaking until we got what we wanted. Added some interesting sounds of wind playing in wires, quite eerie.
More amusing interludes, plus serious chapters on Sanderson window and Education and before you can say Jack Robinson, it was Sunday and Libby had to return to Kent.

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