Friday, 31 December 2010

good news

Well, we're back just before the New Year after all! Sorry about that, I'm sure you all deserved a break! Anyway, the reason is this:
I had wanted to interview David Kirby for the film since he was tremendously important in helping construct the Lantern Tower at Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral, but none of my contacts had any snail mail, email or telephone number for the gentleman in question. So imagine my delight when just before Christmas John Reyntiens sent me David's email address. We were soon in telephone contact. Not only does he sound very enthusiastic, but he's also emailed a whole slew of archival photographs detailing Liverpool work in progress at the Loudwater studio - AND he told us that Patrick's design and use of dalles-de-verre for St Mary's, Leyland (which David also helped construct) was pivotal in deciding whether to undertake the Liverpool commission. We didn't even know about the Leyland project, so this is all a huge boost.
The film would not be complete without an interview with David, so despite the fact that he lives in Herefordshire and every trip eats into our miniscule profit margin, I think we're going to have to take some time off from editing! 'Go the extra mile' should be our motto!
Happy New Year to you all. :-)

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