Wednesday, 23 June 2010


Sarah left, above Willow, Phillippa, Amal, Sarah
After various last minute hitches and worries that I would either have too many students or too few, it all worked wonderfully and once again I was impressed by their loyalty to Patrick and the effort they'd all put into contributing to the film. For example Sarah Wenden had travelled from Oxford, Nicola Clark from Gloucestershire, Philippa Clayden had cancelled all her afternoon appointments just to be there, and Willow Winston was also ultra busy. They were joined by Amal Ghosh who used to be in charge of the stained glass department at Central so provided an added dimension to the discussion - an absolutely charming man.
The more I learn about Patrick the more it occurs to me that there are three main facets which need to be highlighted - his art obviously, his intellect and his 'teaching' through Central and Burghlefield. The Central session backed up by interviews with Ray King and Danny Lane (both ex Burghlefield) should illustrate this dimension of Patrick pretty well.
Jay and Jeremy put us up for the night again - champagne and a lovely meal, the doors open, the warmth of a summer's day engulfing us - couldn't have been better. Nicola

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