Thursday, 3 June 2010

Danny Lane

WOW! What a treat today - after a quick trip to advise on a possible Brangwyn at Christie's I whisked off to Willesden Junction (as one does) to do a recce on Danny Lane's studio prior to filming there with Patrick. I was just blown over by the beauty, size, scale, colour, inventiveness, imagination of the work - and not just in glass but also metal and wood - this man is A-MAZING! Filming the two of them in the studio promises to be a visual extravaganza - watch this space (24 June).
The images don't do Danny justice but I was taking them primarily to show Charles what he had to work with rather than producing art-shots! Anyway, top is Danny seen through a glass screen (weird!) and below a glass pillar and chair. For more (and better) images go to
Followed this up with a trip to Central St Martins to meet the wonderfully enthusiastic Peter Cleak, Events Manager, and other members of staff. Following on from my 'cunning plan' wheeze of 16 April, I have been trying to organise a group of ex students for a discussion forum and Central have kindly allowed us to take over the Head's Parlour for the afternoon of 23 June - and they aren't even charging us, which is brilliant news. They couldn't have been more helpful.

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