Friday, 17 June 2011


This time to St John The Baptist, Ilford and a couple of amazing floor to ceiling windows, unpainted, apparently abstract but of course Patrick's layers of symbolism, almost Art Deco looking, no hand painting, and wonderful subtle soft colouring, pale greys, mauves, light yellow, touches of turquoise. Exquisite. Well worth a visit. Details above.

An update on St Peter and St Paul, Aldeburgh, the memorial window to Benjamin Britten, designed by Piper but carried out by Reyntiens.

St Edmundsbury Cathedral, Bury St Edmunds - I've visited the city previously but never the cathedral so took the opportunity. Actually rather disappointing, somehow lacks the gravitas that accretion over the ages can bring (no Reyntiens windows).

And yet another trip to Ely Stained Glass Museum, wonderfully enthusiastic young curator, revisited the Piper/Reyntiens Coventry panel and Reyntiens own Temptation of St Anthony.

Busy few days, then completed the Reyntiens family slide show for the DVD today. Meanwhile poor Charles was faced with trying to fit a voice-over onto the start of the film - previously recorded in his own mellifluous tones. Unfortunately the recording he was sent was much slower than the original with huge pauses between the words (i.e. not fitting the images) so he spent most of the day editing the pauses, but it was still too long, so he then had to actually export the sound to some special audio processing software to speed it without altering the pitch.

The things we do for art!

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