Thursday, 10 February 2011

joyful shepherds

And another editing session 4-9 February. Despite the equipment continuously crashing the first couple of days and slowing up the editing process dramatically, it decided to behave itself thereafter, and much was achieved. Charles always complains he's under the cosh when hyperactive Libby arrives - no time allowed for contemplation, listening to wireless programmes or CDs, let alone R&R!
The film has developed in so many ways, the educational, intellectual and secular side of Patrick's work gaining ascendancy over the religious and militaristic (perhaps this is sub-conscious since both of us hate conflict and are atheists) so we had suggested changing the working title of From Coventry to Cochem to something broader. However John and Charlotte are adamant that this title should remain so top of the agenda was how to rework the beginning of the film using the footage from the promo we showed last year. Having decided what to do, the next problem is how to do it - we're now working in High Definition and although the promo was filmed in HD, it was edited in Standard Definition, so Charles is going to have to put together the entire sequence all over again. Libby's also got to add a suitable introduction for the mellifluously voiced, almost nostalgic tones of Jeremy Irons.
So, what did we achieve this time round? Well, amazingly enough Dame Edna including the very amusing Australian interlude, Southwell Minster, Patrick's sketchbooks, the Moore Memorial at Much Hadham and Commedia del Arte including some wonderful lively footage we took of Patrick before this film was even a twinkle. We also added up the running time from the sequences completed to date - a rather scary 77 minutes! I'm going to have to lose some of my darlings doubtless!
And we even managed a quick trip to the rather wonderful Harley Gallery ( near Worksop to see Nora Fok's amazing creations - the exhibition curated by Charles' friends Ken and Brochocka Baynes. The special opening was to celebrate the Year of the Rabbit - I'm one of them! We're supposed to be creative, hardworking and ambitious, with an eye for colour and line, and apparently this year promises hopes, positivity and fun! Good, good!
Some wonderful dramatic sunsets whilst at EKH (hence the happy shepherds) a couple of which bookend this blog. I'm off to London tomorrow to help son the younger move into his new house, then to Yorkshire next week to visit mea mater, back to Kent for more London removals before returning to Film Farm 21 February. It's all go!

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