Saturday, 13 February 2010

Open Days and Film Benefit

Flying Birds and Flag Flying - Patrick's grandchildren show their support in true artistic fashion!
The week following our Cambridge meeting was an absolute nightmare, I arrived home a day later than anticipated because we had to finish FBSG, a lecture in London on the Saturday, writing a lecture for the Japanese translators to peruse and then making PDF files of all the FBSG chapters so that Charles could author the DVD and get copies made before my trip. Plus it snowed. Boy did it snow and we were once again marooned - the first time it was fun, succeeding events become a trifle tedious. The more tired I became the more mistakes I made. I was due to travel to London for the Reyntiens Open Day today and almost called it off due to the snow and lack of progress but eventually decided the break would do me good - which it did! I had to be pushed out of one snow drift, and had a few graceful slides through the icy village but once out on the main roads it was OK.
Anyway, yes, the Open Days. These are held at John's Studio on the top floor of a lovely 1930s building, great quality of light.

Inspecting the array of panels and the yummy luncheon
One arrives, has a look at Patrick's panels, chats, great luncheon spread including John's speciality green soup, and then Patrick performs! He paints a sheet of glass, jigging along to American hill-billy music today. He doesn't appear to have a design in mind when he begins, it just evolves. This one started with some trees, an island appeared, the sea, birds wheeled in the air, a nude figure came to live there, and a sunbather, and just when we thought it was finished he decided to add a pile of clothes - just in case! His mark making is extraordinary and he uses a variety of tools, brushes, paper, Somerset reeds which he gathers and sharpens himself, feathers. It's a real education and we were all mesmerised.

Patrick painting and the completed work
Details: Open Day dates - 27 February, 13, 14 and 27 March. Venue: Urban Glass Works, Acme Studios, 15 Orsman Road, London N1 5RA. For details and tickets contact
This will be held at the Glaziers Hall, 9 Montague Close, London Bridge, SE1 9DD (nearest tube and train - London Bridge) on 12 April 2010. Graham Jones and Danny Lane are the guest speakers. A 5 minute promotional film about Patrick's work will also be shown.
Doors Open 6pm, Drinks Reception
Lectures and Raffle, 7-9.15pm
Bar, 9.15 - 10.30pm
Tickets £20 per person, advanced sales only
Contact John Reyntiens:
Tel: 020 7729 8718 or email:
Autonomous stained glass panels painted and signed by Patrick will be for sale:
200 First Edition painted and leaded panels @ £90 each (they come with authentication certificate and are already selling fast)
Limited Edition of 15 Artist's stained glass panels @ £160 each
Second Edition of 100 panels @ £130 each
Limited Edition of 15 Artist's Stained Glass Panels @ £200 each.
Every panel is unique and they are just fabulous and terrific value. And the Glaziers Hall has what is reputed to boast the best panoramic view of the Thames in all London!
The proceeds from the evening and sales go to funding 'From Coventry to Cochem', our documentary celebrating the life and work of Patrick. So please do attend, otherwise there's no money in the pot!

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