Saturday, 26 September 2009


Ampleforth - the egg - Mary at the moment of her conception in St Anne's womb
Having been asked to give a lecture about Patrick's stained glass I had been busying myself visiting various churches, taking photographs, making notes, and made an appointment to visit Ampleforth College and Abbey on 25th September (we're now in 2009, keep up!) The Benedictine establishment is not only where Patrick received his schooling but also boasts a significant number of his stained glass windows made in collaboration with his son John who has a stained glass company in Hackney, Urban Glass Works.

Father Prior showed me round the Abbey and introduced me to a young man in a jolly floral shirt who was finishing some work on the windows - and who should it be but John Reyntiens. I could scarcely credit it, what a coincidence! So we chatted merrily away, giggling about some of Patrick's eccentricities and I happened to mention that the Piper film was being launched at the Goldmark Gallery on the 27th - since his father couldn't attend, perhaps John would care to?

John in Ampleforth Abbey

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