Monday, 9 November 2009


Patrick painting one of the Cochem windows in Derix studios

Graham and Patrick in the Derix studios contemplating their work
Saturday 7 November
Having given 3 lectures in 3 successive days in Buckinghamshire, Dorset and Swansea, Libby rose at some ungoldly hour on Saturday 7 November to drive to Stansted from whence she and Charles were due to fly to Germany and then collect a hire car and drive to Cochem along the Moselle - stunning scenery, vineyards on every available scrap of land, fairytale castles. We had a wander round the town, located St Martin's church, took some photographs before darkness descended, after which it seemed only fitting to sample the local white wine and then repair for a schnitzel, excellently cooked, with some local red, just a shame about the draught from the door!
Fairytale Cochem Castle
Sunday 8 November
Up at 7am and off to film and photograph the town and the late Gothic Imperial castle, rising above the early morning mist, before we progressed to St Martin's for the unveiling, where we met up with Patrick, John, Charlotte and their two boys and were introduced to Graham Jones and his family.
The Pastor, Father Werner Muller was determined to have modern glass for the 8 windows, each 35ft high and 7ft wide and commissioned Graham to design them and then insisted on windows to rival Chagall, at which point Patrick was brought in - he draws similar turbulent, energetic and India-rubber bendy figures. That a man of Patrick's age could paint all this glass is quite astounding. But the windows are just amazing, the leading so fluid, the colours floating over each other, unrelated to the painted image, like a dream world.
Patrick celebrating a job WELL DONE!
The service took FOREVER! 3 whole hours - Charles filmed the entirety, including Father Muller enthusiastically blessing the windows with holy water (soaking Charles' film camera in the process - swearing not allowed!), plus the free drinks and food and socialising afterwards, plus the subsequent interminable explanation given by Father Muller to his flock, plus interviews with Patrick, Graham and Wilhelm Derix (the owner of the glass studios where the windows were made). Not content with this Charles then decided we should film the town from the castle so we plodded up to said castle (lugging all the camera equipment needless to say). Finally at about 5pm Charles called it a day (thank goodness) and we stopped for a restorative glass and a VERY late lunch!
Followed by the drive back to the airport, and a long wait therein for the plane (but luckily we met Graham and family and had a good giggle).

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  1. Enjoyed this very much and wish I could have been there. Patrick doesn't look the least bit exhausted!