Thursday, 22 October 2009

soup and sandwiches

And so 21 October found Libby travelling by train up to Cambridge and Charles driving down from Film Farm to meet John and his wife Dr Charlotte Grant at Kings College, where Charlotte is a Fellow. Charles was even allowed to park the Goblin on the forecourt, how cool is that, and Charlotte gave us a tour of the Chapel (most impressive) but luckily for Libby (who suffers from vertigo) we weren't allowed up on the roof that particular day. We settled down in one of the private rooms and had some yummy soup and sandwiches and discussed logistics and a trip to Cochem to film the unveiling of Patrick's latest windows, produced in collaboration with Graham Jones. All very civilised and sophisticated. John and Charlotte have some great ideas about fund raising, including getting Patrick to paint offcuts of glass with smoking fish or phoenix which will then be leaded and sold and a possible PR evening with talks and food - but I'm keeping mum for the present until the arrangements have been finalised.
And afterwards Charles and I trotted round to Robinson College to see the Reyntiens/Piper window (below).

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