Sunday, 18 November 2007

tea bags and turmeric

This is where it all began - I wanted to interview Patrick for FBSG - Charles had met the great man once before with his friend Jacy Wall whom he contacted - we were put in touch with Patrick's daughter Edith - and so on ...
And thus it was that on Saturday 17 November we bowled up at Patrick's house in Somerset - and were bowled over and out, captivated and enchanted by the man - a brilliant raconteur, an extraordinary personality, a life-force, a child within a man with a wicked sense of fun, hugely intellectual, an experimenter and innovator, whose work has transformed the conception and construction of stained glass.
After the Brangwyn interview we went into the studio and saw some of his autonomous stained glass panels produced mainly in the late 1980s and 1990s as a relief from commissioned work, wonderfully lively, colourful, fluid works. Despite his 82 years he danced around his studio like an acrobat, moving the heavy lead panels to and fro for our delectation.
Patrick in the studio with panels from his Commedia del Arte series
And after THAT he took us inside for a cup of tea and some tasty biscuits and a browse through his sketchbooks, a testament to the man's inventiveness and energy - snow covered trees made with PVA glue removed after the wash had been applied - yellow washes produced from tea bags and turmeric. And after THAT he still had the time and energy to show us his library and add in a quick recitation of Theocritus!
We finally left mentally exhausted but at the same time delighted by the encounter.

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